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Ogilvy PR

University Of Illinois

The Challenge
Ogilvy PR, one of the world’s largest PR agencies, teamed with Pitzer Relations to target Aspect Software, a call center solutions provider, for new business. In the competitive world of PR, Pitzer Relations and Ogilvy knew they to be strategic in their approach to win the new business pitch.

The Approach
The approach consisted of 1) relationship development; 2) sourcing staff for Aspect; and 3) strategic communications that aligned with the client’s business objectives. First, Pitzer Relations helped Ogilvy create a strong relationship with the head of marketing prior to and during the pitch. Second, Pitzer and Ogilvy worked together to identify a candidate to fill a key in-house PR role at Aspect. Finally, jointly they developed a very strong PR planned that focused on leveraging Aspect’s Microsoft relationship, strong media relations, and engaging with industry analysts who could help “close” deals – something management really wanted.

The Results
Pitzer and Ogilvy won a yearly contract with Aspect for U.S. PR and is now growing to other regions around the world. A smart, strategic approach to creating strong bonds and delivering PR programming that Aspect needed paid off.