Amplify, Amplify, Amplify!

In my over 30  years of working in public relations, I have never seen such a time when there has been so much change in the industry. In some ways not so good, but in many ways really good. One that comes to mind is what clients do with a “hit” or article once it appears in their target media outlet. Often clients are happy they got the coverage, put it on their website and send it around the company. More and more, however, people are understanding the value of that “hit” as a collateral piece, an advertisement, a direct marketing piece, a digital ad or just a nice calling card for sales.

That’s why I tell clients if you aren’t amplifying that precious coverage through your social media channels, your sales organization, and directly to customers and prospects, you are missing an opportunity. This should be formulaic, organized and streamlined to be as effective as possible. Blast it out through as many channels as possible.

I always urge my clients to amplify, amplify, amplify. And it doesn’t matter where the coverage appears, if it is good content and helps tell your story, amplify! 

I was delighted just the other day when a salesperson for one of my early-stage clients posted in Slack for the team: “Today for the 1st time ever someone told me: ‘I’ve heard about SWIPEBY [the client] before,’ and sounded very positive about it.” He got to demo the product for the prospect which looks to have considerable upside.

This is music to a PR person’s ears – earned media helping a brand that is starting from scratch to create a “calling card” for sales. And what should you do with music? Amplify, amplify, amplify!

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