In Truth We Trust

IABC Chicago’s February luncheon on February 20th will feature Edelman’s Trust Barometer. This is the 20th year for the Barometer and I have been around or connected to most of those. It makes one think about how important trust in all things is today, particularly with all that is happening in Washington D.C. now. It makes me wonder if the one thing that the founding fathers failed to understand or anticipate as an issue was that democracy is predicated on the truth. That all involved must tell the truth, each branch of government, government employee, elected official and others, or democracy is weakened.
How do we ensure truth persists, and how do we instill its importance in our children. It’s a big question and keeping the pursuit of the truth in all we do all the time is something, well, we should keep on doing. Or, there will be no trust in anything anymore.

Edelman Trust Barometer

Edelman Trust Barometer

I had the opportunity to attend IABC Chicago’s luncheon on the Edelman Trust Barometer last week....

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