Wow! COVID-19 Remains a Big News Driver

I am struck by how even as the COVID-19 epidemic winds down in the United States, the topic is still a big driver of news and publicity.

I am working with Escalon, leader in essential business services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, who will be holding an online fundraising event for the plight of India. We are planning on having leading journalists from Inc. on the panel who will discuss what post-COVID means to them.

Additionally, Escalon will hold a fundraiser to send money to India. In fact, five of their partners have committed $50,000, and during the event Escalon will try to get the more than 1000 attendees to match those donations.

All for a good cause that will result in Escalon not only doing a good thing, but getting some credit for it.

It Has Been Awhile

It Has Been Awhile

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